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X-Racer F303 V3.1 Flight Controller

X-Racer F303 V3.1 Flight Controller

  • Easy Pin Style Connectors
  • Stackable Design
  • Dedicated SBUS Port
  • #1 Choice for Serious Racers

The X-Racer F303 flight controller was designed for the serious racer. We have followed the idea of simplicity and kept the basic rugged design of servo style pinouts so you dont have to worry about the fragility of plastic connectors in a crash.

This X-Racer flight controller only comes in one version...ACRO! This is not a flight controller that is designed to fit the needs of everyone, it is a flight controller designed to fit the needs of racers and free style flyers. 

X-Racer backed by FPVMODELs reputation giving you a flight controller you can trust.

V3.1 uses MPU6000 with SPI & X_RACERSPI firmware.

V3.1: The newest version of the X-RACER F303 is Version 3.1. We have listened to your requests for SPI and weve went and changed the MPU 6050 over to MPU 6000 in order to give you those faster loop times that youve been asking for. Weve tried to keep the changes minimal with this and have left all of the previous changes that many requested the same. This board still comes with the through holes for Vbat, RSSI, and the buzzer. It also comes with the dedicated SBUS and RGB LED connections. X-Racer is designed for racers and acro pilots so we keep the desing simple and durable. Have fun with it! 

Attention: The X-Racer v3.1 is an updated design using a new gyro and it no longer uses the SPRACINGF3 firmware. Firmware for the X-racer V3 "X_RACERSPI" now can be found on Betaflight. 


  • Built in high capacity black box featuring 16mb flash memory. This will allow you to store an entire days worth of flights while you are out in the field burning through multiple batteries and flights. Next generation F3 processor for efficient flight calculations and those lower loop time youve been reading about. 
  • The size of the flight controller follows the form thats so typical in all the others allowing you to mount to the majority of the frames out on the market without the need of changing mounting holes on most base plates. 
  • 8 PWM I/0 lines for ESCs and added options you may choose. 
  • Supports Sbus, SumH, SumD, Xbus, PPM, PWM recievers but has a recommended and weight saving direct connection specifically for Sbus, which is our recommended connection for flight control. 
  • Buzzer port for audible lost model location. 
  • Convienent pin outs for easy, reliable soldering. 
  • Only available in Acro style, no barometer or magnetometer.


The X-Racer flight controller runs on the open source Cleanflight software and its compatible with the Boris B. Betaflight firmware. The hex file to use is spracingf3 hex. 


Failure to adhere to these warnings will void your warranty and destroy your flight controller.

  • Observe polarity at all times. Double check all connections before applying power. It is very common for users to accidentally reverse polarity, try not to let it happen to you. 
  • After double checking all connections its a good idea to triple check connections...positive to positive, negative to negative. 
  • Make certain all channel inputs match corresponding outputs or else undesired flight characteristics will happen. 
  • Keep magnets away from flight controller.

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