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Tattu 220mAh 3.7V 45C 1S1P Lipo Battery

Tattu 220mAh 3.7V 45C 1S1P Lipo Battery

Great for indoor flying with your "whoop"!

45c Lipo battery has more than enough burst and power.  No puffing after long-time use.  This tiny battery has the best materials in the Lipo industry...making it a stable, safe, strong power source for your whoop.


  • Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 220mAh.
  • The most strict single-cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.
  • Superior Japanese and Korean Lithium Polymer raw materials.


  • Minimum Capacity: 220mAh
  • Configuration: 1S1P*5 / 3.7v
  • Discharge Rate: 45C
  • Max Burst discharge Rate: 90C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 5.5g
  • Dimensions: 51mm Length x 12mm Width x 6mm Height

Package Includes:

1x 220 3.7V 45C Tattu Lipo Batteries

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