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MAMR 5" TrueX Racing/Freestyle Frame.

MAMR 5" TrueX Racing/Freestyle Frame.

MAMR 5" TrueX Racing/Freestyle Frame. 

This frame took several months to design in collaboration with designer Byron Ortiz to get just right.  After much testing with sponsored pilots and a few subsequent revisions, we have come up with a great (top plate mounted) unibody frame for racing or freestyle.  A few design features include: top or bottom mounted battery option, XT60 cut out slot in frame, battery strap slots on top or bottom of frame, antenna cut out slot at rear, and FC mounting slots (that allow for moving the FC forward or back).  In an effort to keep carbon cost down, and parts available when needed, both the 5" and 4" series of frames will use the same top plate, and camera mount side plates.  To help reduce weight and for durability, we chose to use Titanium M3 button head bolts.  3D printed accessories for the frame.

*Due to such tight tolerances the camera mount side plates may need a little filing in order to fit.  Please use proper safety precautions when doing so.
*For structural integrity 4 motor bolts need to be used.  Using 2 motor bolts can cause a weak point on the arms near the motor area.   

Frame 215mm (diagonal measurement from motor center to motor center)
Width 184mm (outer edge to outer edge)
Length 184mm (outer edge to outer edge)
Height 39mm 
Weight Assembled 89g (frame, top plate, camera mount side plates, standoffs, M3 bolts)

Parts Included in kit:
1 - 4mm carbon fiber unibody frame
1 - 2mm carbon fiber top plate
2 - 2mm carbon fiber camera mount side plates 
8 - 5mmx30mm M3 knurled standoffs
8 - M3x10mm Titanium button head bolts
8 - M3x12mm Titanium button head bolts
4 - M3x10mm Aluminum black button head bolts (for FC/PDB stack)
5 - M5 Low profile color coordinated prop lock nuts 
*TPU 3D printed accessory parts

Flight Controller: CL Racing F4S or X-Racer F303
Motor: Brother Hobby Returner R4 or EMAX RS2306
Esc:Aikon SEFM 30A or Spedix 30a HV
Props: 5" Dal Cyclone T5046C or 5" HQ DP 5x4x3 PC V1S
Battery: Tattu 3S 1300mAh or Tattu 4S 1300mAh
Your favorite FPV gear and Radio TX / RX

Team pilot Mike ripping an office park with the MAMR 5" TrueX.

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