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Farvew Pagoda Assembly Jig

Farvew Pagoda Assembly Jig

Farvew Pagoda Assembly Jig

This hybrid jig makes life a whole lot simpler when you are putting together one of the awesome Pagoda antennas!

These Jigs work great and get you dead on when it comes to spacing and keeping them parallel for the best build!

The Jigs are quite tight and are intended to be, We suggest "breaking them in" by inserting the wood components into the printed parts several times to get fit just right. If you do this it makes the whole jig easier to use and makes it last much longer.

We found that if the initial fit was not tight then it would become too loose to use after only a couple of builds, so it is produced quite snug and worn into fit which should last you about 60 builds before it starts to wear to the point that it wont work.

Please note that the color may be different from the images, the function however is the same.

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