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Amass XT60+ Male connector with Insulating Cap

Amass XT60+ Male connector with Insulating Cap

The new XT60+ is here!  With "snap on" insulating end caps to provide the best polarity insulation for your soldered connections.

The basis of the original robust XT60 design has been retained and the connector is compatible with the original XT60, but now thanks to the snap on end cap there is no need to use heat shrink and the ridged edges on the end cap provide extra grip when pulling the male and female connectors apart.

Initial assembly requires a little force to clamp the end cap in place but please note that the end cap is hard to disassemble once it has been installed.  Should you wish to remove the end cap  you will have to "break it" with both hands to get it to release.  

These are genuine AMASS connectors and are quality products.  

Material: Gold-plated copper
External Material: Nylon/PA
Max. RC/MC: 60A/100A
Weight: 7.72g
Pulling Force/600: 3kg
Temperature Resistance: -20°C~120°C
Recommended Cable Spec.: 12AWG
Recommended Soldering Spec.: 480°C/4S

1x male XT60+ connector and insulating cap