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6X15MM 19,000KV Insane Motors

6X15MM 19,000KV Insane Motors

Currently the fastest and most responsive motor out there for the E010 and Inductrix is the CL-0615-19 19000kv Insane Whoop Motors!! These motors can only be used with the Acrowhoop, BeeBrain FC , Beecore or any other  Brushed BetaFlight compatible FC.  Using these with a stock E010 or Inductrix FC will create oscillations. 


  • speed: 19,000Kv
  • operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
  • 2.0A load current at 3.7V  (direct drive)
  • lifetime rating: 3-4 hours


  • can diameter: 6mm
  • can length: 15mm
  • shaft diameter: 0.8mm
  • shaft length: 5mm
  • weight: 1.8g 
  • wire length: 70mm
  • plug: Micro-JST-1.25

To maximize performance and life span, don't run these in reverse! 

Motor rotation and correct polarity is indicated by the wire color:

clockwise: red +, blue -

counter clockwise: white +, black -

Package Includes:

2x CW and 2x CCW motors

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