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Mid-America Multirotor, Inc. was recently established in 2016.  A long-time dream of Michael, the President of Mid-America Multirotor, Inc., has been to have his own business in his chosen hobby.  Michael has been involved in the radio-controlled industry for 16 years.  He has designed, built, and flown many SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Design) radio-controlled airplanes from small electric to giant scale gas-powered models.  He has competed in Pattern (precision aerobatics) in the past, and still flies 3D foamies as well as sport models at various events.  He started experimenting with FPV on R/C planes back in 2008 and on September 10 of that year he flew his first FPV flight.  Although in the past 2 years, he has gotten involved in FPV multirotors, more than the previous mentioned aspects of flying.  Though rather new to FPV multirotors and FPV racing, he is passionate about growing his knowledge of the sport and industry. Michael believes in delivering quality products for reasonable prices.  He knows how important this is to those involved in the sport/hobby.  Michael is currently involved in the HVAC industry, but will transition to full-time devotion to Mid-America Multirotor, Inc. when it becomes feasible.  In the meantime, the Vice-President, Anne, who has a wealth of business experience, will be running the day-to-day operations and Michael will provide technical and product guidance.  We are starting out small, but with your support we will continue to grow and add new products on a regular basis.  Thank you for visiting our online store and we look forward to serving you!